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Seen Unseen - 3D Visualization

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SEEN UNSEEN - 3D Visualization

Editora: Rio Books
Org.: Jorge Lopes, Sergio Alex Azevedo, Heron Werner Jr. e Antonio Brancaglion.
ISBN: 9788594970442
“SEEN UNSEEN” brings forth 3D Technologies outcomes of multidisciplinary researches, exploring the boundaries of “STEAM” (“Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics”), which emphasize aspects such as Innovation and Creativity.
Here you will find works of multidisciplinary teams from universities, museums, institutes, and companies (116 authors and 25 institutions) that invest in research in Brazil and abroad. They search for hidden (“unseen”) features and systems, bringing them out (“seen”) with the decisive support of 3D technologies, in fields such as Health Sciences (Medicine and Biology), passing through the Humanities (Arts, Archeology and Paleontology), up to the Physical Sciences (Engineering and Mathematics).
This compilation of creative 3D works is the natural sequence of two prior books (3D Technologies – Paleontology, Archeology, Fetology – 2009 and 3D Technologies, Unveiling the Past, Shaping the Future – 2013).
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